Using Your ValuCard.

How to get and use your ValuCard?

ValuCards are issued to each government department.

The Human Resource department will issue the cards to workers.

Workers should "pin" their card to protect themselves from the unauthorized use of their "cashback". How to PIN Your Card? Workers should present their cards to participating merchants who will scan the card at the POS terminal to record the purchase.


The "cashback" amounts are accumulated to arrive at a cashback balance which will be increased by the "cashback" issued by merchants and reduced when the "cashback" is used to make purchases.
The "cashback" is placed on the card each Wednesday and will be credited ONLY if the merchant provides ePay with the discount value issued to card holders.

Workers will be informed immediately if the merchant does not pay over to ePay the amount of discounts issued to card holders.

How to redeem your Ca$hback?

Public sector workers will be able to use their "cashback" to purchase products and services from participating merchants.

The "cashback" is treated much like a debit card transaction by the participating merchant.

Any amount of the "cashback" balance can be used at any time to make purchases. Card holders can purchase any merchandise or service from participating merchants using their "cashback".

Card holders can obtain balances at any time from participating merchants by asking a cashier to swipe their card and select the "Balance Enquiry" option. A receipt will be printed with the balance of the available "cashback".

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